Costa Rica

Information about Costa Rica

Region: The Americas
Capital: San José
Population: 5,212,000
Area (sq km): 51,100
FIPS Country Code: CS
ISO Country Code: CR
GRN Office: GRN Offices in the Americas

Map of Costa Rica

Map of Costa Rica

Languages and dialects spoken in Costa Rica

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Found 7 language names

Bribri [Limón] - ISO Language [bzd]

Chinese, Yue [China, Guangdong] - ISO Language [yue]

Chirripo [Cartago] - ISO Language [cjp]

Costa Rican Sign Language - ISO Language [csr]

Guatuso [Alajuela] - ISO Language [gut]

Spanish: Latin America [Colombia] [spa]

Bribri [Limón] - ISO Language [bzd]

People Groups in Costa Rica

Americans, U.S. ▪ Amerindian, Detribalized ▪ Arab ▪ Basque ▪ Bribri ▪ British ▪ Brunka, Boruca ▪ Chinese, general ▪ Chirripo ▪ Costa Rican ▪ Deaf ▪ European, general ▪ French ▪ Guatuso ▪ Jamaicans ▪ Jew, Spanish Speaking ▪ Latin American, general ▪ Mennonites ▪ Native Criollo, Mestizo ▪ Ngabe, Guaymi ▪ Teribe