Information about Belize

Region:The Americas
Area (sq km):22,965
FIPS Country Code:BH
ISO Country Code:BZ
GRN Office:

Map of Belize

Map of Belize

Languages and dialects spoken in Belize

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Found 5 language names

Belize Kriol English - ISO Language [bzj]

English: USA [United States of America] [eng]

Itza' [Belize] - ISO Language [itz]

Maya, Mopan [Belize] - ISO Language [mop]

Q'eqchi' [Guatemala, Alta Verapaz] - ISO Language [kek]

People Groups in Belize

Arab, Syrian; Belize Creole; Black Carib; British; Chinese, general; Deaf; Guatemalan, Mestizo; Guatemalan White; Jew, English Speaking; Kekchi; Maya, Mopan; Maya, Yucatan; Mennonites; South Asian, general; Turk;