Information about Botswana

Region: Africa
Capital: Gaborone
Population: 2,675,000
Area (sq km): 581,730
FIPS Country Code: BC
ISO Country Code: BW
GRN Office: GRN Offices in Africa

Map of Botswana

Map of Botswana

Languages and dialects spoken in Botswana

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Found 29 language names

Birwa [Botswana] - ISO Language [brl]

English: USA [United States of America] [eng]

//Gana [Botswana] - ISO Language [gnk]

|Gwi [Botswana] - ISO Language [gwj]

Kalanga [Zimbabwe] - ISO Language [kck]

Kalanga: Lilima [Botswana] [kck]

Kgalagadi [Botswana] - ISO Language [xkv]

Naro [Botswana] - ISO Language [nhr]

Ndebele (Zimbabwe) - ISO Language [nde]

Sesotho [South Africa, Eastern Cape] - ISO Language [sot]

Shakawe Ju/'hoansi [Botswana] [ktz]

Shua [Botswana] - ISO Language [shg]

Shua: Ganadi [Botswana] [shg]

Shua: Koree-Khoe [Botswana] [shg]

Shua: Sili [Botswana] [shg]

Shua: Tshidi-Khwe [Botswana] [shg]

Subiya [Botswana] - ISO Language [sbs]

Tsoa [Botswana] - ISO Language [hio]

Tsumkwe Ju/'hoansi [Namibia] [ktz]

Tswana [Zimbabwe] - ISO Language [tsn]

Xani [Botswana] - ISO Language [hnh]

Xhosa [South Africa, Eastern Cape] - ISO Language [xho]

!Xoon [Botswana] - ISO Language [nmn]

Yeyi [Botswana] - ISO Language [yey]

Zulu [South Africa] - ISO Language [zul]

ǂ'Amkhoe [Botswana] - ISO Language [huc]

Tswana [Zimbabwe] - ISO Language [tsn]

Xhosa [South Africa, Eastern Cape] - ISO Language [xho]

Zulu [South Africa] - ISO Language [zul]

People Groups in Botswana

Afrikaner ▪ Birwa ▪ British ▪ Chinese, general ▪ Coloured ▪ Deaf ▪ Gciriku ▪ Gwi ▪ Gxana, l lGana ▪ Handa, Tsexa ▪ Heikum ▪ Herero ▪ Hua ▪ Jew, English Speaking ▪ Kalanga ▪ Kgalagadi ▪ Kua ▪ Kung-Gobabis ▪ Kung-Tsumkwe ▪ Kxoe, Khwe, Xun ▪ Lozi ▪ Luyana, Kwangali ▪ Luyana, Lui ▪ Mbukushu ▪ Nama ▪ Nambya ▪ Naro, Nharon ▪ Ndebele ▪ Nusan, Xoo ▪ Pedi, North Sotho ▪ Shona ▪ Shua, Deti, Ganadi ▪ Sotho ▪ South Asian, general ▪ Subia ▪ Tshara-Tshao ▪ Tswana-Hurutshe ▪ Tswana-Kgatla ▪ Tswana-Kwena ▪ Tswana-Malete, Moletse ▪ Tswana-Ngwaketse ▪ Tswana-Ngwato ▪ Tswana-Rolong ▪ Tswana-Seleka ▪ Tswana-Tawana ▪ Tswana-Tlokwa ▪ Tswapong ▪ Xhosa ▪ Yeyi ▪ Zulu

News about Botswana

Khoe and San Language Project - Recordings made in the 1970s and 80s for the Khoe and San peoples are now needing evaluation. The Khoe and San peoples live in remote areas and it is important to evaluate recordings and improve distribution to these peoples.

Namibia and Botswana Outreach Report June 2014 - Deon Snyders' report: Namibia and Botswana outreach January - June 2014.