Madagascar Translation and Recording Project

Picture: Dr Leoni and helpers travelling to one of the areas to test the language, identify language helpers and get translations going

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The geographics of the island makes any outreach work extremely challenging
The translation team represents 12 language groups
Working together on the translations
Dr Leoni Bouwer coordinates this project locally
The MAF plane is one way to reach remote locations

Praise God with us for the funding received to allow this project to proceed. Praise God!!

We are partnering with a local ministry who has started to translate our Bible stories series with accompanying pictures in twelve of these languages.

Goal: To record the Look, Listen & Live 1-8 in 12 different languages: Antandroy, Antanosy, Antemoro, Antesaka, Bara, Betsileo, Betsimaraka North, Masikoro, Vezo, Zafisoro, Tanalana, Mahafaly. We already have draft translated scripts in all 12 languages.

Donations provided the R52,656 ($3,888) needed for finishing the translations the 12 languages and we thank God for those who have contributed to this project.

Strategy: We aim to have final translated scripts, checked and approved, by July 2017.

We have received all the funds necessary to see this through. For each language, the translation will undergo a back-translation, field-check and will be edited to become the final script we'll use to record the audio from.

There are student teams working on the translations. These students represents the 12 language groups (mother tongue speakers). They are from different institutions in Tulear (university and other colleges).

Need: We still need the funds to cover all the costs for the all recordings to be done once the translations are completed next year.

Our local partners already have a distribution plan for Madagascar, but research has shown that we cannot bargain on reaching people effectively with the Gospel Message if we only distribute in French and Malagasy Ofisialy.

The mother tongue languages we will be working on are: Antandroy, Antanosy, Antemoro, Antesaka, Bara, Betsileo, Betsimaraka-North, Masikoro, Vezo, Zafisoro, Tanalana, Mahafaly.

Estimated time needed to complete the recordings:

Recording 12 Languages 1 Recordist
9 hours per language (final) x 12 = 108 hours of recording + checking/listening back
6-10 work days per language to record (1-2 weeks) = 72-120 working days in the field (for the recordings)
TOTAL = 3.6-6 months in the field depending

If we send in 2-3 recordists, we can do the recordings in 1-2 months.

We allow for flex in the program to accommodate for any circumstantial delays.

Ball-park estimated recording costs: R80,000 ($7,800 AUD)

All funds which were given specifically towards this project have been directly allocated to the project.

Motivation for this project: In others parts of Sub-Saharan Africa we've seen the impact our audiovisual programs have when combined with audio Scriptures or parts of the Bible translated. It will be a long time before the full Scriptures will become available in most of these languages. Portions are available. Our story sets can help fill the gaps while Bible translation in the above languages is in progress.

All the people of this beautiful island have equal rights to hear the Message of the Word in their mother tongue.

Thank God for those who gave to help us to make this a reality for them.

The geographics of the island makes any outreach work, including the recording projects, extremely challenging. The Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) plane has provided access to many remote areas.

If the Lord leads you to contribute towards this project you may make a donation here, or click the 'Donate' button, designating your gift 'Madagascar Translation and Recording Project'.

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